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T Stroke Putting Aid. The Ultimate Putting Solution.T Stroke Putting Aid. The Ultimate Putting Solution.

T Stroke Putting Aid. The Ultimate Putting Solution.

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T-Stroke perfects your putting set-up position and consistency of the putter-face during your putting stroke! What is 'T-Stroke'? T-Stroke is effectively an alignment bar that, whilst attached to the top of the putter, rests on the forearms. This simple alignment tool creates the optimum bio-mechanical angle between the putter-shaft and the forearms allowing the arms to hang naturallly from the shoulders and sets the forearms and shoulder alignment squarely to the target-line! Aligning the forearms and shoulders squarely to the target-line and the forearms parallel to the shaft/lie angle of the putter, the putter-face is square to the putting stroke! T-Stroke guarantees a repeatable set-up position and because you can stroke the putts whilst using T-Stroke, you gain confidence and feel by repeating the position and movement every-time. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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